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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We all have problems that’s why most of the time we forget to look at the brighter side of each thing. Life is too simple but we always make it too complicated. There’s always a brighter side of each story. Everything happens in a purpose. Take a deep breath, pray and thank the Lord not only during good times also for the bad times which makes us a better person. And last but not the least don’t forget to smile. It makes you look younger and feel younger. We are all blessed. There may be hundreds of reason to cry but I absolutely believe that there are millions of reason to smile.

Miss World 2011

Ms. Venezuela is Miss World 2011 while Ms. Philippines ranked 1st runner up and Ms. Puerto Rico ranked 2nd runner up on the recently concluded Miss World 2011. The Pageant was held at London, England and was indeed a very successful one. Miss World 2011 is the 61st Miss World that was held and obviously going strong in the coming years. The reason why Miss World is held yearly is to promote humanitarian acts to help people all around the world. I personally think holding Miss World yearly is a very good way of making people realize that we can do something to help the world and to promote unity among different nations. Ms. Philippines did not end up winning the crown but surely Filipinos are very proud of Gwendoline Ruais because ranking 1st runner up is not an easy thing to achieve. Once again, The Philippines proved that we have one of the most beautiful and most intelligent women in the world. Congratulations GWENDOLINE RUAIS! Mabuhay Philippines!

Choose Philippines

To help push tourism in the Philippines, the ABS-CBN Regional Network Group spearheaded this newest site that will showcase the best of the Philippines. To make Philippines even closer to the hearts of the Filipinos worldwide with its new website called “Choose Philippines” together with the song Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas sang by Angeline Quinto ft. Vince Bueno. I honestly think this is a very good idea not only to promote the network but more importantly to promote the Philippines to the world. DOT should fully support this campaign because obviously this is a very good way to showcase how beautiful the Philippines is, Especially now that tourism in the Philippines is struggling because of the safety issues of tourists visiting the country. Every Filipinos must support our own country and may we all do our simple duties to promote the country locally and internationally. Congratulations to the ABS-CBN Regional Network Group for thinking and doing this one of a kind project that will surely help Philippine tourism.

You can watch Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas via youtube.com, just follow this link:


How important is your behavior?

TIME decides whom you meet in life.
Your HEART decides who you want in life.
Your BEHAVIOR decides who will stay in your life.

Your behavior determines your personality towards yourself and other people. Indeed your behavior is very important especially dealing with people around you. It is very important to have good and positive behavior when it comes to life. This will help us achieve our goals and dreams in life. This will also help us realize who we really are and what we really want. We must realize that having a very good and positive behavior will give us more opportunities in life like having more friends, job opportunities, educational achievements, personal growth, etc. Your behavior affects your totality as an individual; the way you think, the way you communicate to others, the way you socialize, your outlook in life, etc. Being good should start from oneself and followed by sharing what you have to other people. I think most of us neglect the fact that we should always look at ourselves first before looking at the others’. We should always realize that everything we do starts from us. We shouldn’t blame anyone else. It is always our personal decisions, choices and Behavior. Always try to be good and stay good. God bless.


The fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom;
All who follow his precepts have good understanding.
To him belongs eternal praise.
-Psalm 111:10

Most of the time we are overwhelmed with the blessings that the Lord had given us to the point that we forget to thank him. Let us not forget to thank him for all the things he does in our lives because everything comes in a purpose. Smile, paint the world with happiness and thank the Lord. God Bless us all.

I hope everyone would enjoy my new site and somehow learn from it. I’m looking forward to posting more relevant, sensible, inspiring and up-to-date blog post in the coming days. Everyone is welcome to visit and follow OPINION CENTRAL anytime.